This course was designed for Movement for Strengthening Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Activism (MOSA) project.

The course "Analysis of Termination of Pregnancy in Zimbabwe in relation to the World Standard of Human Rights" is designed to explore the complex issue of abortion in Zimbabwe through a human rights lens. The course will cover topics such as the legal and policy framework for abortion in Zimbabwe, the social and cultural factors that influence attitudes towards abortion, and the impact of restrictive abortion laws on women's health and rights.

The course will use the World Standard of Human Rights as a framework for analysis, examining how Zimbabwe's laws and policies related to abortion measure up to international human rights standards. Students will learn about human rights principles such as the right to life, the right to health, and the right to equality, and how these principles apply to the issue of abortion.

Through case studies, group discussions, and guest lectures from experts in the field, students will develop a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding abortion in Zimbabwe and the broader implications for human rights. The course will also explore strategies for advocacy and activism to promote the rights of women and girls in relation to reproductive health and rights, including access to safe and legal abortion services.

Who can study this course?

    • Movement for Strengthening Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Activism (MOSA) project beneficiary